Interior 370 (Foyer I), 2017, Oil on linen, 260cm x 180cm, Collection of AGNSW

New acquisition Interior 370 (Foyer I) is on display at the Art Gallery of NSW. It is a view of the foyer of the tower building of Liberty Place, situated between Pitt and Castlereagh Sts in Sydney. After four months in France and Italy (courtesy of the AGNSW and the Bulgari Award) I found myself making a regular weekly pilgrimage through this city thoroughfare. In late afternoon during high summer the sun streams in through the frosted glass of the western wall of the atrium, projecting the shadow of the finials on the roof of 19thC building over the road. Like much of what we make and build, the profile is strangely human and it seemed portentous: the shadow of the past falling across this vision of the future.


Monograph 2018

This publication records a selection of works from Jude's survey exhibition at the Drill Hall Gallery, the Australian National University, in 2017 . It includes a range of fine reproductions, a text by the artist and an interview with Terence Maloon, Director of the Drill Hall Gallery. It is available for purchase from Philip Bacon Galleries or from the artist via this website at a cost AU$45.00 plus postage.